Direct Application of Phosphate Rock (DARP)

Direct Application of Phosphate Rock (DARP)

Publisher: IFA, Paris, France, 1 March 2013

Language: ENGLISH

All plants and animals require phosphorus (P), an essential macronutrient. The major source of phosphorus is phosphate rock (PR), a phosphate- bearing mineral which is a finite and non-renewable natural resource. Phosphate rock is the primary raw material for producing soluble P fertilizers. It can be applied directly and can solubilize in the soil, making the P available to crops depending on the type of rock, soil properties, climatic conditions, crops/cropping systems, and nutrient management practices. Direct application of phosphate rock (DAPR) is an alternative fertilization option that can contribute to sustainable intensification of agriculture, particularly in developing countries with suitable PR resources and agro-ecological conditions.

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