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The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 Global Goals adopted in September 2015 by more than 150 countries, and the central element of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

They are the successors of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which ran from 2000-2015 with the aim of reducing poverty worldwide.

Building upon the successes and the shortcomings of the MDGs, these 17 SDGs were chosen to go even further and tackle the root issues of poverty, by introducing a more ambitious objective, i.e. the end of poverty rather than its reduction, and defining demanding targets for each goal.

IFA and the SDGs

IFA fully supports the SDGs and is committed to their successful implementation. IFA therefore:
  • Takes an active role in defining the SDG indicators: IFA has been very involved in the multilateral discussions on the definition and methodologies of SDG indicators. They are crucial to ensure that the SDGs are being carried out successfully in all countries by 2030;

  • Strikes relevant partnerships with organisations also dedicated to achieving the SDGs. IFA is thus a partner of AFAP for two programs: the African Fertilizer Volunteers’ Programme and the 500 SMEs Development Programme (see our Africa Initiative page), both of which seek to increase knowledge of fertilizers and expand their market in Sub-Saharan Africa, one of the regions most affected by malnutrition and depleting soils- thus addressing head-on Goal 2 “Zero Hunger”.

  • Shares statistics and data: IFA has been a partner with the FAO’s Statistics Division, FAOStat, for over 30 years, and continues to provide data on fertilizer demand, production and consumption, to track global patterns of fertilizer use- which are important to understand where to promote increased agricultural productivity.
IFA is also a member the global initiative, led by IFDC, which facilitates the exchange of information on soil fertility, fertilizers and good agricultural practices in Africa.

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