IFA in the News 2017

Below is a list of articles in which IFA staff and administrators are interviewed or provide an opinion piece:

Thomson Reuters – 12 April 2017
Hunger will continue to plague Africa until we get serious on soils
By Dmitry Konyaev

IFA in the News 2016

AG Web – 5 December 2016
Feed the Soil First, Then Feed the World
By Patrick Heffer

Business Fights Poverty – 5 December 2016
Breakthroughs in Fertilizer Can Unlock the Riches in the Soil
By Kapil Mehan

Forum for the Furture – 5 December 2016
Breakthroughs in Fertilizer Can Unlock the Riches in the Soil
By Kapil Mehan

Thomson Reuters Foundation News - 9 November 2016
Fertilisers can help African farmers battle climate change
By Charlotte Hebebrand

Africa Renewal Online - 5 August 2016
Innovative use of fertilizers revives hope for Africa’s Green Revolution
By Busani Bafana

IPS News Agency - 26 July 2016
Fertilizer Access Grows Farmers, Food and Finance
By Busani Bafana

the guardian - 18 May 2016
We must rebuild farmers' resilience after Ethiopia's catastrophic El Niño
By Tekalign Mamo

Ethiopia online - 17 May 2016
Ethiopia struggles with worst drought in 50 years
By Tekalign Mamo

CNBCAFRICA - 17 May 2016
Professor Tekalign Mamo received 2016 IFA Norman Borlaug Award
By Tekalign Mamo

Ethiopian Academy of Sciences - 11 May 2016
Professor Tekalign Mamo, of Haramaya University, Wins the 2016 IFA Norman Borlaug Award

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation - 10 May 2016
The Ethiopian soil scientist, Professor Tekalign Mamo, has won the 2016 International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) Norman Borlaug Award.

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources - 9 May 2016
Professor Tekalign Mamo wins 2016 IFA Norman Borlaug Award

L'Usine nouvelle - 23 March 2016
En matière d'engrais, toujours très en retard, l'Afrique subsaharienne est la région du monde qui croit le plus vite
By Patrick Heffer

IFA in the News 2015

ICIS - 28 December 2015
OUTLOOK '16: Global fertilizer demand set to rebound in 2016 - IFA
By Richard Ewing

Financial Times - 7 December 2015
Fertilizer market looks for return of higher growth in 2016

Business fights poverty - 3 December 2015
Fertilizers: At the cross section of climate and food security goals
by Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, IFA Chairman

La Voz - 22 May 2015
Fuentes alternativas de fósforo, desafío cercano
by Maria Antip

FYO - 20 May 2015
El aporte de los fertilizantes es poco conocido por los gobiernos a nivel mundial
by Maria Antip

Thomson Reuters Foundation - 1 April 2015
New era of "customised agriculture" needed to meet development goals
by Chuck Magro

Business Fights Poverty - 13 February 2015
Which innovations will shape the future of fertilizer Use?
by Prem Warrior

IFA in the News 2014

Financial Express - 12 December 2014
Unshackling the fertiliser sector
by Ashok Gulati

Agriculture.com - 16 October 2014
7 numbers you should know about global fertility
by Gil Gullickson

MU Earth - 16 October 2014
Call for fertilizers
by Anna Maikova

Word Food Prize - 16 October 2014
Norman Borlaug Centennial Q&A's with experts
by Esin Mete, IFA President

Reuters Alertnet - 13 October 2014
Is fertiliser the key to more food and better health?
by Esin Mete, IFA President

IRIN News - 15 September 2014
How to boost food production in Africa

IPS News - 15 September 2014
Africa pays the price of low harvests thanks to costly fertilisers
by Busani Bafana

IPP Media - 12 September 2014
Joint fertiliser use promotion for African farmers launched
by Angel Navuri

Vanguard newspaper - 5 September 2014
Fertiliser usage in Africa remain low (page 24)
by Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

Business Fights Poverty - 5 September 2014
Improving smallholders farmers’ access to fertilizers in Africa
by Morgane Danielou, IFA Director of Communications and Public Affairs

AGRF blog - 4 September 2014
Fertilizers multiply agricultural productivity
by Byron Mutingwend

Farming First - 2 July 2014
Closing Africa's yield gap
by Richard Mkandawire, Vice President of the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP)

Global Food Security - 30 June 2014
Fertilizers: quality over quantity
by Jorgen Ole Haslestad, IFA Chairman Agriculture Committee

Meridian Institute newsletter - 24 April 2014
The Africa Fertilizer Gap
by Alassane Diallo, IFA Vice President Africa

Global Food Security - 22 April 2014
The Africa fertilizer gap
by Alassane Diallo, IFA Vice President Africa

Diario CLARIN - 5 April 2014
Argentina tiene mucho para crecer en la utilizacion de los fertilizantes
by Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

Horizonte A - April 2014
"De la fertilizacion tambien depende la nutricion humana"
by Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

Fertilizar - April 2014
Panorama actual de la industria del fertilizante en Argentina y el mundo
by Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

Foundation FARM - 1 April 2014
Fertilizer to tackle climate change in agriculture
by Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General
The Economist Insight - 21 November 2013
Fighting malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies
by Esin Mete, IFA President

IFA in the News 2013

Global Landscapes Forum - 12 November 2013
Putting agricultural tools to work to help solve malnutrition
by Morgane Danielou, IFA Director Communications and Public Affairs
New Ag International - November 2013
An interview with Esin Mete, IFA President and Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

Global Food Security - 14 October 2013
Fortifying fertilizers can fortify food
by Esin Mete, IFA President

JustHere - 24 September 2013
Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General, on fertilizer demand and population surge

FarmingFirst - 5 July 2013
Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals
by Abdulrahman Jawahery, IFA Vice President for Sustainable Development