IFA Regional Conference Proceedings

The regional conferences are organized by two or three IFA committees (agriculture, production and trade, technical) and focus on a region.

IFA Regional Conference, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 3-4 April 2012

Organized by the PIT, Agriculture, and Technical Committees, this regional event offered participants the opportunity to explore the different facets of the fertilizer industry – from market and supply trends to safety in production. In particular, the event emphasized the Association’s focus on promoting the "Safety First" mentality both broadly as well as specifically in regional markets to senior fertilizer executives.


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Technical Workshop: "Safe and Sustainable Phosphate Production", in Cooperation with the FIPR Institute and the Aleff Group - Read More ...  MemberDownload
Investment Environment in Uzbekistan and New Prospects for Expanding Investment Cooperation - Read More ... Abdurakhimov, D.MemberDownload
Assuring Health and Safety Competence - Read More ... Budworth, T.MemberDownload
Modern Ecologically Friendly Technologies for Production of Fertilizers - Read More ... Chernenko, Y.MemberDownload
IFDC Strategies and Approaches to Increase Fertilizer Demand and Improve Farmers Profitability from Farming Activities in Kyrgyzstan - Read More ... Demiri, H.MemberDownload
The Industrial Nitrogen Developments in the CIS - Read More ... Eliseev,G.MemberDownload
Agricultural and Fertilizer Sectors of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan - Read More ... Gregory, I.MemberDownload
Medium Term Outlook for World Fertilizer Demand - Read More ... Heffer, P.MemberDownload
Safety Management in the Fertilizer Industry - Read More ... Jenssen, T.MemberDownload
Safety Leadership - Read More ... Jordan, B.MemberDownload
Russia's Fertilizer Market and WTO Membership - Read More ... Khangaldian, N.MemberDownload
Natural Gas Developments in the CIS - Read More ... Khitarishvili, T.MemberDownload
World Fertilizer Supply : 2012-2015 Insights - Read More ... Prud'homme, M.MemberDownload
Conservation Agriculture Development in Uzbekistan - Read More ... Pulatov, A.MemberDownload
Fertilizer Demand in Kazakhstan - Read More ... Semenikhina, K.MemberDownload
Uzbekistan's Fertilizer Industry: Current Situation and Development Prospects - Read More ... Shermatov, H.MemberDownload
Agriculture in Central Asia: Needs for Collaborative Research, Technology Transfer and Development - Read More ... Turok, J.MemberDownload
Financing Upstream Factors of Production of Fertilizer Chemical in Central Asia and Mongolia - Read More ... Wermert, S.MemberDownload
Financing Fertilizer Companies in Emerging Markets - Read More ... Yakovlev, A.MemberDownload

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